Top 7 reasons why people take drugs


Drug use is getting more prevalent throughout the world. Many people wonder why people get into drugs. Once they are taking drugs it’s very hard for them to get out of it. The recovery process is very lengthy. So, it’s better that you avoid taking drugs. You should deal with situations that induce drug intake in a different manner. Here are the major reasons for taking the drug.

When people suffer from depression, anxiety, and mental illness


Mental illness or depression causes people to get into drugs. When they suffer from pain due to job loss, broken relationship, etc., they rely on drugs. By taking a drug, you will feel normal. Their feelings of depression and anxiety are reduced.

They see their family members and friends taking drugs

Wnen they see anyone in their circle taking drugs, you feel motivated to try these out. They often start with a low-quality drug and cause severe damage to their health.

They feel bored

When people have nothing important to do, they get ingto draugs. They think drugs can be their companion during times when yu feel lonely.

During stress

When you have too much stress on your work, you feel that drugs may help to reduce the stress. Mantaining a balance between home and work can be hard. So, peole suffer from stress. When your colleague gets a promotion at work which you were expecting to get, it causes stress.

Doctors prescribe


The doctors sometimes prescribe drugs due to injury. But people get stuck in the habit. They develop the bad habit of taking drugs regularly. So, even if they are fully cured they cannot give up taking drugs.

To forget about painful memories of the past

If you have gone through a bad time like losing someone dear or breaking up with your ex, then   you start taking drugs so that your memories don’t come back to you.

Get the feeling of ‘high’ again and again

Those who have tried drugs before know how it feels after taking drugs. They want to have that pleasant experience of ‘high’ on a regular basis. So, they take drugs.

Drugs can ruin a person’s life. The person not only gets affected, but his or her family suffers too. If you know someone who is on drugs, you should first do some counseling so that the person comes back to normal life. If the situation goes out of hand then you should take the person to a rehabilitation center. Drugs inhibit you from working, studying, and socializing. You should avoid taking drugs at all cost and preevent people around you to take it.


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