We offer various community programs to help the parents, young adults and  children. Here are some of the programs we offer to make their lives better.

Early childhood education programs

We provide top quality early childhood education services for children. It includes parental guidance as well. We provide child care developmental programs for children whose ages are between 18 months to 5 years old. We help children who are learning two languages at a time due to their different culture. We also help physically and mentally challenged children. We focus on the children’s nutrition requirement, family engagement, mental health and overall development.

Family fit programs

Through this program, we take care of the health of local people, underprivileged children who are at high health risk conditions.We organize physical therapy program for children and their mother to do various exercises and keep them fit. The program also teaches families to have good nutrition within budget.

Help for children

We provide safe passage for children in the neighborhood for them to walk to and from school and other nearby places.We work towards reducing crime, incidents of bullying, and more. We provide weekly sessions for children to teach them safety rules in the house and on the road.

You can join our community programs and lead a better life. These help the parents and the children of all ages to learn things that are important to live comfortably in a community.