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This is a blog about community and social issues. You will find here everything from religion, politics, race, inequality, community, and more. The blog features interest and informative articles on various social and community issues.

As our society is changing due to technology, increase in crime rate, pollution, etc. we face challenges. In this blog, you will find articles addressing the common challenges we often face and cannot think of a way to get out of it. These include health care, terrorism, education, gay rights, war and peace, etc. This blog gives you advice and tips on how to live in a peaceful environment and how to bring up your kids in a healthy manner.

You will find discussions on current issues in this blog. The articles won’t have any jargons so that anybody can understand them. Our writers are very experienced and have high educational degrees like Ph.D. they are at a position to comment on serious social and community issues. Read our blog every day and know what’s going on in your society and community.