6 main causes of terrorism in our society


Terrorism is the biggest challenge we are facing today in our world. No one in this world is safe today due to the rise of terrorism. You can be attacked in the middle of no where. The recent incidents are very alarming. Here are the main causes of terrorims in our society.


Many people think that the root of terrorism is poverty. It drives people to do illegal things for money when you cannot eat properly or get shelter. People get involved in terrorism just to meet their basic needs when they find no other way of earning money.

Undemocratic governments

People sometimes talk against their rulers or oppressors. This leads to terrorism. Dissatisfaction in the current government system is a major cause of terrorism today.


If you teach a kid that Mr. X and Y are your enemies, the kids will learn it and think of Mr. X and Y as their enemies. Same thing happens in case of terrorism. The young people are targeted to join a terrorist party. At a young age, their brain is fresh and will capture what you say.


Ethnicity and injustices are causes of terrorism. People are often brainwashed regarding these matters. So, it is important to do your own research in certain fields before setting up your mind for it. For example, if someone tells you that your neighboring country is stopping you from progressing you should look for the facts and figures.


Charities are a great source of fund for the terrorists. There are many charities that get funds in the name of various causes. This money drives the business of terrorism.

Religious extremism

Religious extremism has increased in the last decade, particularly since 2011. Every year now there are terrorist attacks which take away many lives. Religious extrimism is considered to be the major driver of terrorism now.

We all should work together to fight terrorism from this world. We should closely monitor our children’s’ behavior and observe who they mix with. People get into terrorism because of external pressure. We should cut down the sources of funds that support terrorism attacks. Recently, India has banned the use of their Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 to fight terrorism. Using this system, it is possible to observe the activities of the black money holders and so decrease terrorism. The other countries should also take appropriate measures to fight terrorism.

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