5 ways to encourage children to play outdoors


When we were children, we used to spend most of our time outside playing. Children of this generation spend all their free time with electronic gadgets. This may have an adverse effect on their health. Here are five ways you can encourage children to play outdoors.

Create a child-friendly backyard


Clear the rubbish in your backyard and clean it to make the backyard child-friendly. You can set up camps for them, and they can role play inside the camp.

Give them toolbox with play with


Children love tools. They will love to discover things with tools. So, you can give them a bug box, magnifier, trowel, etc. They will come up with creative things and make good use of their spare time.

Take children to parks


You should take your children close to nature, like in parks. Let them explore the nature and find out about various plants and animals. You can give them lessons on what kind of plants the children can see. You should stay with your child all the time for safety reasons.

Encourage walking


Instead of taking your car, you can take your children to the park, cinemas, and nearby restaurants walking. They will look at their surroundinds during the walk. They will learn a lot about their neighborhood. For example, they will know where their nearest bus stop is, the route to get back home, etc.

Encourage outdoor activities


You should encourage your children to play outdoor games like badminton, soccer, etc. If you live in a beautiful neighborhood with water surrounding you, then you can take the children fishing or boating.

All these tips will help to motivate your children to play outdoors. It will bring them closer to nature, and they will have better physical and mental growth.

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