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Often times those most affected by homelessness are seen by their community as being less than or  criminal.  Often times, Prax(us) challenges these ideas and beliefs by collaborating with local organization who work directly with individuals in contact with homelessness.  My addressing these misconceptions of homelessness we are able to reduce violence, reduced stigma, and […]

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We have been so thankful to receive so much support from the community this year through donations, volunteers and in-kind supplies.  With the support of the community, we have been able to distribute clothes, water, harm reduction kits and snacks on street outreach and during our Monday night drop-in hours.  Without your support this critical […]

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Editorial By: Emily Lafferrandre, Director of Education and Advocacy “So is it better? NO. We are more vulnerable, and things are worse. People are more likely to hurt you if they think you are alone and you are vulnerable. And in Denver it’s a lot harder to find a place of sanctuary now” (Denver Outloud […]

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Prax(us) believes that the transformation of our world requires a constant process of reflection and action. The foundation of this process is educating ourselves about the stories of others and facts that shape our world.

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Prax(us) believes that volunteers bring amazing strengths to our work, keep us connected to the community, and are essential to engaging in action & reflection in our world.

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Prax(us) believes that our work is the result of our community saying “yes” through donations of time, money, and resources.

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